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Hey, We’re OPENBUILDS POLAND & We Make CNC and Ploters ! Check It Out!

We welcome everyone to the website Openbuilds Poland. Together with the team we would like to represent you the solutions and products which will give the opportunity for independent construction approaches of creation your own machines and elements.

The continuing growth of the projects and new elements which co-created via  Openbuilds community gives us the inspiration and ready-made ideas.

Our kits are based on the construction of the OX CNC plotters which were designed by Mark Carew in the United States and later developed via the international community which centers around Openbuilds.

OpenBuilds Poland
OpenBuilds Poland

OX CNC plotter is based on the aluminum system V-Slot and elements specially designed for this type of machines. The basic version is built on the frame with dimensions 750 x 500 mm. Nevertheless each construction can be easily modified up until 1500 x 1500 mm. This is perfect solution for the hobbyists, who are searching for the alternative construction for implementation of their projects.

The experience of the users all over the world allows us to define the construction as tested, functional and the one that gives opportunity for different modifications for people who’re expecting for something more. Additionally we present the new opportunities for using aluminum profiles. Owing to the modification of its shapes it allows for wider usage possibilities in the various projects.


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750×500, Solid Wheel

750×500 , Solid Wheel, Zestaw elektroniczny

C-Beam Machine Mechanical Bundle

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2500 PLN 3200 PLN 2566 PLN
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It becomes eventual to use it as constructional profiles; at the same time its additional functionality gives opportunity to apply profiles as a guide. Meanwhile the elements of V-Slot allow for more flexible configuration.

The support and ideas of the Openbuilds community plays a dominant role in this process. Owing to the exchange of the working projects and ideas we are able to use the best practices in our work. Talking about Openbuilds, we are not only meaning the spare parts and elements for building of your own projects, but more the community which develops the most interesting ideas and provides them on the opensource basis.

OpenBuilds Poland